Michael Jackson The Experience for Kinect

As a Michael Jackson fan, I of course LOVED the music.  I recalled almost all of the videos that accompanied the songs.  But how is The Experience?

This game is aptly name as overall, it is an experience.  Let’s break it down, shall we?

Graphics – I was very impressed with the graphics of this game.  There is no avatar for you.  The Kinect camera sees you and imports you into the game.  You are constantly covered in glitter, always sparkling.  (HEE HEE!  Oh, sorry…)

There are background dancers who perform to the left and right of you.  The moves themselves scroll up with the music and there is a timer that counts down how long you are to perform certain moves.

The moves graphics are fine but they are not always the best indicator when you first start playing the game.  No worries, there is a practice mode so that you can learn.

Song Selection-I am a Michael Jackson fan and I really appreciated the song list. See any of your favorites?

Party Mode-This was a lot of fun.  You are allowed two options here.  You can play in a co-op mode or in a dance battle.  In co-op mode, players take turns performing portions of the song.  If you select a mode that allows singing, players can take turns with that as well as dancing.  In Dance Battle mode, you try to beat your opponent’s score.  DIE Lil Miss Sunshine!!  What!?

Sing Along-There is a performance mode that allows you to sing the song.  The game actually does very well tracking not only the tune but your enunciation.  Don’t worry about trying to sound just like Michael.  Sing in your range and follow along like karaoke.

Practice-This can be a vital place for those who are unsure of the moves.  You are allowed to choose which portions of the song you wish to practice.  This allows you to focus on separate routines and perfect them before moving on.  You can select these portions of the song in any order that you wish.

The down side here is that I cannot locate a place to slow down the movements when learning the more intricate moves.  This did not take away from my experience, but for those who were trying to learn it for the first time, it was…  challenging…

Pros-This game is a lot of fun!  I enjoyed playing it alone and with a group.  I have to say that playing as a group was the most enjoyable.  This is an excellent party game.  I wouldn’t suggest playing it while drunk though…  You know who I’m talking to…  I see you  *rolling my eyes*

There is a lot to love about the dance moves and the songs.  Avid fans to children will enjoy this game play and the Kinect makes it even better by eliminating the need for any peripherals.

The Kinect’s signature, intermittent camera shots of you while you dance are hysterical.  No matter how hard you try you will end up with a shot of a face filled with concentration or uncontrollable laughter.

There are levels to the dances presenting a challenge for the more seasoned player or dancer.  I jumped right into the highest level to see if all those ballet lessons would still help me to learn a routine quickly.  Michael Jackson was not a ballet dancer…  That is all…

Cons-There are just a few things that can take away from your “Experience.”

Timers – Sometimes the timers for the moves are just a little bit off.  You can recover quickly enough, but if you are trying to base your movements off of following the guide precisely, you will become annoyed.  This can become a non-issue as you learn the songs and routines.  The moves graphics will eventually serve as reminders.

Moves Graphics – When you are new to the game, the graphics do not always show exactly what the move will be; they provide a general idea of the step.  You will find yourself looking at the graphic and then at the dancer and saying, “what the heck is that?”  Again, this disappears as you become more familiar with the songs and routines.

Snapshots – I have yet to get a snapshot that I want to put online!  Yeah, that’s all about me…  WHAT!?

All in all, I would recommend this game.  It is a lot of fun and is great for all ages.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a Smooth Criminal.

What about you?  Have you had the “Experience?”  What did you think?


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  1. * DragonPixie *
    Apr 27, 2011 @ 19:06:42

    I played this on the Wii and it while it was fun, I missed the kind of immersion dance experience I get with Dance Central. So having this game for the Kinect sounds FABULOUS to me! I want it.

    My workout routine will just keep getting better and better!


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