Thor – My Review

This evening, I went to the premier screening of Thor.  Read on for my review!

Let me begin by saying this…  If you have read the mythology surrounding Thor or the comic books, you will find that this plot does not follow anything you have ever seen.  If you can clear your mind of any preconceived notions or history, you may find this movie entertaining.

Thor (the movie-which is in 3D) opens with Natalie Portman’s character and her crew.  Her character and those of her crony/coworker are invented for the purposes of this film.  The movie provides a very brief history of Asgard and the 9 realms.  The role of the people of Asgard is explained as helping to rid humanity of the threat of Frost Giants.  That’s about as much detail as you are going to get for why they exist.

There there purists.  I feel your pain and I shed tears with you.

The storyline of the film is so far and away from anything that I have ever read that it became distracting.  I found myself wanting to laugh out loud at the incongruities of this tale.  And what the heck with no Beta Ray Bill!!!?

Like I said, try to do a data dump of all you know before you go see this title.  You’ll thank me for it later.

The Good

There are a few funny moments in this film.  I enjoyed the periods of laughter as they took my mind off the fact that this story was not as strong as it could have been.  The comedy is not physical, which was absolutely fine with me.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor was actually not bad.  He didn’t try too hard and he didn’t oversell it which could easily happen with a role like this.  There is a scene in the movie where he is shirtless and wearing the lowest riding jeans I have ever seen in the history of fashion…  It was…  Definitely easy on the eyes…  The man truly works out but manages a nice balance so he is not freakish.  He also has a pair of the most intense blue eyes I have ever seen.  Sorry, lost my train of thought there…  WHAT!?

There are several supporting characters in the movie but none of them seem to have as much substance as Heimdal.  Heimdal is played by Idris Elba and even though he does not take up a TON of screen time, his role is memorable.  The character of Heimdal is one of great importance in the mythology as well as in the comics.  Elba delivers a performance that makes you wonder about the power of this character.  It makes you want to know more. Unfortunately the script does not allow for that.

The Bad

The script is not strong but I don’t think anyone goes into a movie like this looking for the most profound experience of their lives.  A lot of the characters lack development and poor Renee Russo is just sort of there.  In my opinion, having more on the characters who played Thor’s friends would have enriched the script.  I have NO idea why Sif is not Thor’s girlfriend in this…  No idea whatsoever.

The story sort of follows its own rules with its own situations and logic.  Since this is a tale about things that don’t exist anyway, I can’t get too upset.  But for all the fans of the fiction that has been written and passed down…  yeah, we got shafted.  No dinner, no kiss, no flowers and no lube.

The fight sequences in this movie are… interesting.  I say this because the way they were filmed was difficult to watch.  There are several scenes of action where the camera is moving around so much or switching from shot to shot so quickly; I had no idea what was going on and I felt like I needed a Dramamine.

Loki was watered down so much in this title and his origins were so confusing that I literally threw my hands in the air in exasperation.  BUT, like I said.  Forget everything that you have ever read before going into this.

Date Movie?

This is actually not a bad date movie.  There is the hint of romance but it doesn’t dominate at any time and there is just enough of it to make the ladies smile coupled with the action that the guys will enjoy.  As the anti-romance movie chick, I looked forward to the action more than anything else.

Thor is not a horrible movie.  Its entertaining for what it is and its infuriating for what it isn’t for those of us who know the tale.  Tread carefully…  you were warned purists!


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  1. slasher443
    May 03, 2011 @ 23:23:23

    Does Stringer Bell get to kill Omar in this one?


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