Kenshin Himura – For the Love of a Manslayer


Ruroni Kenshin is filled with awesome looking characters, each with their own unique fighting ability and style.

If you’ve never checked out Ruroni Kenshin, it is definitely an awesome series.  Since this is the, “I think I’m in love!” segment, you know there are copious amounts of watercolor goodness flowing freely…

I love this show for many reasons.  The plot is solid, the characters are diverse and well developed, the fighting is great and… KENSHIN!!!  Woo Whee!!

Kenshin Himura is voiced by Richard Cansino in the English dubbed version.

Why are all of the anime actors hot?

Kenshin is voiced by Mayo Suzukaze in the original Japanese version of the series.

She's a woman voicing a male character but she is still easy on the eyes!

What’s not to love about Kenshin, the masterless samurai?  He’s sweet, strong and has a streak of rage that earned him the reputation as Battousai the Manslayer.  You can understand that rage, can’t you?  Have you ever been in a hurry only to end up behind someone going 10 mph?  Remember how annoying that was?  Well, when Kenshin gets annoyed or angry, people die.  Isn’t he the BEST!  *swoons*  What!?


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  1. tanoshineko
    May 17, 2011 @ 12:41:51

    oh i FLOVED this anime. this is one of the miniscule few that has a good english dub that won’t make your ears bleed. the storyline is coherent and you’ll never be bored.

    to further enhance the kenshin experience, i would suggest you watch samurai x: trust and betrayal (tsuiokuhen) before you watch the anime. it tells the story of how kenshin became known as the battosai. then the series, then samurai x: reflection (seisouhen) which is exactly what it sounds like. i will not give anything away because it’s that cool. happy watching!


    • Digital Distraction
      May 17, 2011 @ 15:38:08

      If I met someone like Kenshin in real life!? Better be glad men can’t get pregnant… That’s all I’m gonna say…


      • tanoshineko
        May 19, 2011 @ 14:13:39

        BWAHAHAHA! i feel you though…i noticed a lot of -mura men tend to be pretty hot, fictional or real lmao!

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