Drakensang Online – Closed Beta Review

I spent a few hours playing this MMORPG in closed beta.  Guess what?  I’m allowed to give you my impressions!

Let me begin by saying thank you to Bigpoint for allowing me the opportunity to not only check out this game, but to also give you a bit of insight on my experience.  THANK YOU FOR GETTING ME ADDICTED TO YOUR ONLINE RPG DRUGS!!  *deep breaths*  Let’s move on, shall we?  Try to ignore my twitching.  I’m just itchting to kill a few more witches with my new weapon.


In this mystical world full of peril and wonder, long-forgotten creatures have started to re-emerge from the shadows of history. After witnessing the rise of humankind to dominance, their kind was pushed to the brink of extinction and forced into refuge. Their world crumbled and a new empire was born. Yet time has broken the order that was meant to last for an eternity. Dark minions have gathered their strength and unleashed humanity’s oldest foe: The dragon. Filled with wrath built up over time, the dragon and its followers now wage war on the world. A new era is dawning and humanity desperately needs heroes to fight for the survival of their kind. (excerpted from the website)


The first thought that popped into my head when I entered the world of my server was, “WOW!”  The graphics on this game are beautiful in a way that I hadn’t expected.  You can stack this title up against any other popular MMO and it would surely shine.

Rendering, lighting, environments, all are top notch.  I can see that they’ve taken quite a bit of time to make everything just right to add to the immersive experience.

I chose to play a class called a Spellweaver.  Of course, this means they use magic.  I selected this character to see how the animation of spells and the like compares to the rest of the graphics.  I wasn’t disappointed in any way.  I have to keep scratching my head because this game will be free to play!  FREE!  *faints*


Drakensang continues along with the storyline from its previous entry.  For all you purists out there, I’ll let you read that at your leisure.  The bottom line is, there’s definitely a method to the madness and you’ll start to uncover more as you quest.

I do find the story interesting and I wasn’t alone.  Drakensang has won awards for its gaming experiences and storyline prior to this title and it seems they are heading in that direction again.


If you’ve never played an MMMO before then this will be a new experience.  Drakensang has your standard quests.  Parts of them are connected to a larger plot while others are designed specifically to help you gain XP.  You’ll find your standard fare in the beginning: go here, talk to this one, find this, kill that.  Since this is still in closed beta, that’s all I’m comfortable revealing.  You can find out more for yourself!


My character is level 9 now and I’ve already explored my first dungeon.  Again, my jaw dropped at the environments, so much so, I died because I was too busy looking at the water animation.  Don’t judge me!  You all know how easily women are distracted by shiny things!!

Needless to say, when I returned, I was ready.  As a low level dungeon, it was laid out very well, being just enough of a challenge, without being impossible.  I liked the ability to select the level of the dungeon before entering.  This gave me ideas of coming back to see if the drops would improve (I still plan to do that).


The small towns and cities have traders with some useful items to help you as you gain levels.  Money drops from the enemies that you slay, along with something called Andermant.  Once i discovered what this was used for, I could spot it as a drop from a mile away!  I’ll let you learn more about that on your own.  🙂

The towns are the only safe places to rest.  DO NOT think that you can leave your character on the road and go afk.  You will come back to a dead, or resurrected toon.  Yes, I learned that the hard way.  Yes, I felt like a noob.  Yes, we’re moving on.

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed what I saw and experienced.  Like a good online game, I wasn’t aware of time passing as I quested along.  I know that many will make comparisons between this game and others, but I defy you to ignore the beauty of this title overall.

My main thought was the fact that this game is free.  I’ve paid to play games that look this good, and I paid happily.  With Drakensang, I get the full experience and all of the benefits that entails, FREE!  *faints*

One of the more important features of this game is the fact that its browser-based.  No discs needed, no lengthy downloads, just jump right in and play.  That was such good planning on their part.  You’ll never have to download a patch or upgrade and you won’t need to worry about keeping software around.  Check the site for minimum system requirements to find out more.

I plan to keep playing this to see all the changes and upgrades that they implement.  I can’t figure out a reason not to play this game.  Keep an eye out for more news on this title and learn more at http://www.drakensangonline.com.

Thanks again Bigpoint!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mokkelke
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 03:24:52

    oooh this looks very interesting! almost wish i could try myself.

    ain’t there some game-master hopping about you can flesh some leg for and get me one of them keys? (you can have C for a whole week to do with whatever you want!!)


  2. Sam
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 20:55:44

    As a player that you got hooked on the with, I can say that the overall aspect is just as you described. graphics are detail and you do have the options of choose high or low graphics. Being free and browser based are a good thumbs up also.

    I had the chance to play with DD on several occasions and last night I played on a laptop getting it’s internet signal from a 3g cell phone. I caught lag just once and dropped the game once, but over all it was still very playable.

    To help DD out i picked the role of Dragon Knight. Like the Spellweavers they can power though anything solo, but as we found out in a group they make a good team. We get perk of using either one or two handed weapons and various types of armor and upgrades.

    A bit of advice if you pick Spellweaver, grab a friend who is a Dragon Knight before doing any major quest. As DD can acclaim as she died several times fighting to find me, it was nice to have back up once she got somewhere so she could live.


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