One Piece


Given the success of One Piece (nearly 13 years and still running!), I would be remiss if I didn’t write a review on it.

Pirates around the world are in a race to find One Piece, a  treasure left by the previous Pirate King, Gold Roger who issued the challenge to find it, right before he was executed by the Marines.

Two decades later, Monkey D. Luffy forms his own pirate crew and joins the race along the Grand Line in search for One Piece and to become the Pirate King.  Along the way, they are met with countless adventures and battles with and against other pirate crews and the Marines.  But there is a secret to Luffy.  He possesses the power of a Gum-Gum fruit: a type of fruit that grants the power of rubber.  His body can extend and absorb attacks thrown at it, also provide unique abilities (gomu-gomu no…).  But with this power comes a price: water is a hazard for him, causing him to sink like a rock.  Because of their numerous exploits, the Strawhats are one of the most notorious pirate crews in history, the nine of their bounties totaling in the billions of berries (the currency used), issued by the World Government, their enemy.

Over 500 episodes animated, and I’m just getting into the awesomeness that is One Piece.  Yes, yes, “where on earth have you been?!”, I know.  This is the main reason (aside from other things) why I’ve been absent.  I’ve been killing myself to catch up because it’s that good.  But one thing about me and anime is I take a while to savor and enjoy what I’m watching.  I sometimes watch an anime over and over to catch things that I might have missed (my poor husband, lol).  So now that I’m just getting to this, I’m pleased to say that this is the silliest, most heart-wrenching, dramatic and oddest thing I’ve ever watched.  I won’t get into individual characters because then I’ll be here all day.  While Zolo and Robin are my favourites, all of them have their own individual flair that would attract anyone.  I thoroughly enjoyed the background stories of the Strawhat Pirates and Robin’s rescue.  I just got to Impel Down and I’m loving it!

I have to applaud the creator, director(s) and the writers because the storyline is so vast and…worldly.  There’s danger in that because it has the potential to run on and become muddled.  Not this one.  There are explanations, back stories, revisits, everything is covered and is still able to tie into the point of the anime.  I’m sorry that i didn’t get into this from the beginning, but hey, better late than never.  The (Japanese) acting is phenomenal.  Nearly every seiyuu who’s alive, kicking and active has had a part in this series, large or small.  I highly recommend this anime to anyone who has a sense of adventure, humour, and and open mind.  You will NOT be disappointed!


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