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Kyoko Mogami

Kyoko Mogami was an ordinary girl from Kyoto with an incredible work ethic.  She followed her friend, rising singer Shotaro Fuwa to Tokyo to help him realise his dream, and to support him where his parents didn’t.  But the unthinkable happened.

Overhearing the true intention of why Sho asked her to come with her deeply disturbs Kyoko.  It disturbs her to the point where she does a complete 180 of herself, vowing revenge on him by also becoming one of Japan’s rising stars.  That revelation also makes her become more wary, guarded and self-preservative.  She also ends up losing a major part of herself.  But now with that declaration floating about, what could she possibly do in the world of entertainment?  Finding herself in a tight position, she comes across a way to get her foot in the door to showbiz: acting.  While she gains more confidence in herself, what awaits her as she meets new people and tries to get her life back on track?  Will she be able to return to her old self?

This anime had me in the first five minutes.  The mister told me about this one from one of his army buddies.  So trying to be more well-rounded in the world of anime, I said that I would give it a shot.  My eyes were glued to the screen.  The story by Yoshiki Nakamura was phenomenal and the director of the anime, Kiyoko Sayama, made it magical!  For it to be shoujo, it really encompasses everyone.  Yes the main character is female, but it deals with human emotions rather then a specific gender’s, meaning you also get to see the male characters’ POV as well.  And it’s not girly-girl as some shoujo types can be.  Also, it keeps you smiling and into every detail like “how would I handle something like that?” or “please, I would totally feel the same way.”  Plus, there’s plenty of comic relief (something that is really important to me, lol) as her new boss is very… I’ll go with eclectic.  There are 25 episodes, not 26 as some would have you think.  There also needs to be a season 2, Hal Film Maker and TV (insert Japanese city)!!


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