Facebook in Real Life

They need panels for, “Look at my farm!  Look at the guy I just put a hit out on!  Look at my words with a friend!”


Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3’s Content Season for Call of Duty® Elite Premium Members on the PlayStation® Network kicks-off with today’s release of Liberation and Piazza

We’re excited to announce the start of the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3’s Content Season for Call of Duty® Elite Premium Members on the PlayStation®Network with today’s release of the first two content drops – Liberation and Piazza.


NeverDead DLC Expansion Volume 2 Now Available

Get Down and Dirty in the Sewers with the New NeverDead Expansion Pack Volume 2


Half of Gamers Think Microsoft Will Launch Portable Vita Rival


According to a new study from a video game price comparison and marketplace site, just over half of gamers believe that Microsoft will launch a portable console to rival PlayStation’s Vita. Furthermore, two thirds of Xbox fans said they would consider purchasing such a console.


Hi-Rez Studios and NASL Announce First Showmatches of Tribes: Ascend

Top Players Compete Within “World’s Fastest Shooter” To Be Broadcast 2/29 and 3/1

So Many Patches!

Dungeons & Dragons Online®: Menace Of The UnderdarkTM To Launch On June 25th

Players can Pre-Purchase the First Major Expansion to the Award-Winning MMO Starting Today!

Innovative Guild Wars® 2 Gameplay Piques Gamers’ Interest

Signups for the Next Closed Beta Event Reach One Million in Just Over 48 Hours

Who Are These Guys?


Feel the Power of the Dark Side

Call of Duty – Birth Control

Skyrim Butterflies

Gamer Love

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 – Defying Logic

Behind-the-Scenes with Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

Are you ready for the Komplete Mortal Kombat experience?


Sniper Elite 2 Kill Cam of the Week

Welcome to the first kill cam!  It must really suck to be the victim in the very first video.   Oh well, I’m glad it’s not me!

Fruit Ninja Branches Out Into Licensing/Product Development

Fruit Ninja Players Can Look For Plush Toys, Electronics, Fruit Snacks, T-Shirts and More Starting This Week Through 2012 and beyond.

What they need is an official muscle cream to put on your shoulders because mine are still dead.  Don’t misunderstand, I still play the game, I just throw more kicks into the mix.


Zumba Fitness Rush

The best-selling franchise surpasses 6 million sold worldwide; Kinect for Xbox 360 sequel to launch with exclusive content and future downloadable dance style packs

Xbox Live News

Giving you info that covers February – April 2012, all in one video!


Nintendo Weekly Downloads

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:


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