Battlestar Galactica Online Carriers Begin Space Trials

Bigpoint’s Battlestar Galactica Online just began “space trials” for its new Carries, the largest and most unique class of ships players can now own in the game. (Players can also “rent” the Pegasus and Basestar by cashing-in Merits, which they earn through gameplay.) Attached please find a screenshot of the Cylon Carrier.

Carriers are a new class of ship in Battlestar Galactica Online. They are support and supply vessels for the fleet that can serve as a mobile outposts for nine Strike ships, a repair and recharge resource for friendly vessels in flight, and a coordinator of tactical offense by calling out enemy targets upon which to fire.

During the testing phase, which is scheduled to last until the end of Feb.,, level 30 or higher players can enter a lottery to pilot the ships on the Kobol (public beta) server. To enter, players must sign-up through the community forum:…d.php?t=416980

Upon successful completion of the space trial period, these ships will become available to all players on all severs. The current requirements to purchase these ships: Level 40 or higher players, 400,000 cubits, 90,000 Merits. We’ll keep you posted on the status and if any changes are made.


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