Half of Gamers Think Microsoft Will Launch Portable Vita Rival


According to a new study from a video game price comparison and marketplace site, just over half of gamers believe that Microsoft will launch a portable console to rival PlayStation’s Vita. Furthermore, two thirds of Xbox fans said they would consider purchasing such a console.

Following the popular launch of PlayStation’s latest handheld console, the PS Vita, last week; a new study has revealed what gamers think about the possibility of other manufacturers following in PlayStation’s footsteps, and launching a similar handheld console.

The study, conducted by video game price comparison and marketplace site www.Playr2.com, asked 1,921 self-confessed ‘gamers’ what their thoughts were on the possibility of Microsoft launching a rival handheld console.

When asked, “Do you think that Microsoft will launch a handheld console, following the launch of PlayStation’s Vita?” over half, 51%, of the gamers taking part said ‘yes’. Of these, the majority, 62%, believed that Microsoft would do so ‘within the next 2 years’.

Those taking part in the study were asked to specify what console they tended to use for gaming the most. Of the total respondents, 48% classified themselves as ‘Xbox’ gamers.

Those who specified that they mainly played video games via an Xbox console were asked whether or not they would purchase a handheld Microsoft games console, should one be developed in the future. Of these, two thirds, 67%, said that they would consider purchasing a handheld Microsoft games console.
Furthermore, those who classified themselves as ‘Xbox gamers’ were also asked what they thought of the PlayStation Vita console. Over half, 55%, claimed to be ‘impressed’ with PlayStation’s new handheld device; and a fifth, 18%, were ‘considering’ purchasing one.

Total respondents taking part were asked if they believed whether or not all gaming would soon be completely ‘portable’, via consoles, Smartphones or tablet computers; to which 35% answered ‘yes’. The remaining majority, however, 65%, did not feel that gaming would be completely portable any time soon.

Simon Kilby, Founder of Playr2.com, commented on the findings:
“Handheld gaming is certainly becoming more and more common; whether it be via PlayStation’s new console, the DS/3DS, tablets or simply on your Smartphone. Technical advancements that enable portable consoles to have specs that match those of their living room-based cousins mean that handheld gaming needn’t have to suffer in quality as it traditionally has. Handheld consoles such as the Vita are giving a better gaming experience than ever before, making it an attractive prospect for gamers on the move.”

He continued:
“Whilst Microsoft haven’t confirmed any rumors about the possibility of developing a handheld console to rival the Vita, our results suggest that a handheld device to accompany the Xbox would go down well with Xbox fans. Like it or not, gaming is on the move; so the future may well see Microsoft developing a handheld device to stay in the game.”


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  1. Eddard
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 07:49:06

    Oh I am sure Microsoft will try to come up with something again….Just like they did with their phones….not to much success though.


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