The Modern Parent’s Guide to Kids and Video Games

From Smartphones to Social Networks, New The Modern Parent’s Guide High-Tech Parenting Books Provide Family Safety Tools Free Now at

“ An essential guide for parents.”
Jon Swartz, Tech Reporter, USA Today

Parents who ignore technology’s impact on kids can inadvertently put children in danger and risk exposing them to potential harm. Today’s family is now confronted by Internet-ready high-tech and mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, apps, computers and connected video game systems at every turn, says author Scott Steinberg: A challenge contemporary parents must be prepared to meet.

“Nearly every aspect of personal and professional life is influenced by technology today,” says Steinberg, creator of the new The Modern Parent’s Guide series of high-tech parenting books, free to download at Studies show that children aged 2-5 are now more able to play video games or downloaded apps than tie their shoelaces and that over 75% of teenagers own cell phones. But with 62% of kids saying they’ve had a negative experience online, and a quarter of adolescents stating that parents know little or nothing about what they’re doing on the Internet, Steinberg cautions that more must be done to educate both parents and kids. “From iPads to Web-ready cell phones, we’re rushing to put technology in millions of hands without adequate education for life in a connected world,” he explains.

Starting today, The Modern Parent’s Guide range of high-tech parenting books – a new series providing positive, real-world solutions for today’s digital parent – will begin arming families to meet the growing challenge. The initial volume, The Modern Parent’s Guide to Kids and Video Games (, is immediately available as a free download (as both a PDF and at no cost in eBook form via Sony’s Reader™ Store), and provides a complete guide to PC, console, online, free, social and mobile games, including using game ratings, addressing common health concerns and fostering healthy computing habits. Readers can also purchase paperback, iBooks, Kindle and Nook editions.

Built for a generation of parents and professionals whose children are surrounded by high-tech gadgets and downloadable apps at every turn, The Modern Parent’s Guide series provides families with essential hints, tips and tools they need to make technology a safe, fun and rewarding part of household life. Covering the full spectrum of connected life from online safety  to apps, Web-based services and electronics, books are founded on three guiding principles – education, communication and participation – and stress that knowledge and understanding are key to helping parents and kids make better, more informed decisions. Future volumes include:

The Modern Parent’s Guide to

Internet, Web and Online Safety (July 2012)
Facebook and Social Networks (December 2012)
Smartphones and Apps (2013)
Digital Music, Movies and Entertainment (2013)
Including contributions from family tech guru Johner Riehl and gaming expert Rusel DeMaria, The Modern Parent’s Guide to Kids and Video Games – like upcoming manuscripts – also offers exclusive commentary and insight from leading industry experts and educators. Free to download from and Sony’s Reader™ Store, all books provide hints, tips, and how-to guides that make the digital world a safe, fun and healthy part of household life. For more on tech toys, readers can also visit Steinberg’s blog at Sears Toy Shop.

Praise for The Modern Parent’s Guide Series

“Contains a wealth of information. An absolute must-read for parents and children alike!”
– Jeffrey M. Taekman, M.D.
Director, Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center, Duke University Medical Center

“An invaluable resource that should be on the required reading list for any parent.”
–          Patricia Vance, President, ESRB

“Takes the bite out of your worries and offers practical strategies on
when and how to tame the high-tech beast.”
–         Christina Tynan-Wood, Columnist, Family Circle

“Helps you to be on the same team with your child and not their opponent.”
–          Dave Graveline, Host, Into Tomorrow

“An excellent guide for parents navigating our tech-heavy world…
provides sound, well-researched information and practical tips.”
– Dr. Katherine L. Muller, PsyD, ABPP
Assistant Director, Center for Integrative Psychotherapy

About the Author

High-tech parenting expert Scott Steinberg is the CEO of business consulting firm TechSavvy Global, Sears Toy Shop’s tech toy expert and one of today’s most sought-after industry analysts, keynote speakers and expert witnesses. Hailed as a top tech and video game expert by dozens of publications from USA Today to NPR, he’s covered business, entertainment and consumer trends for 400+ outlets from Parents to Rolling Stone. A frequent on-air analyst for TV networks including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CNN, he also hosts popular video shows Family Tech and Game Theory.

About Johner Riehl

Johner Riehl is the founder of, a free resource for parents offering information on games appropriate for families and kids of all ages. After spending over a dozen years working publicity for companies like Nintendo, Microsoft and Midway, he now contributes articles and research to a wide array of outlets such as NBC, Wired Moms, Kidzui, and more. A native of St. Louis, MO, he now lives in San Diego with his wife and three sons, focusing his writing on a wide range of products, activities and reviews from a family perspective.
About Rusel DeMaria
Rusel DeMaria has been following the game industry for 40 years as a gamer, writer, analyst, designer and consultant. He has been a senior editor and columnist for several national and international magazines and was the founding editor and creative director for the successful strategy guide series from Prima Publishing. Among his best-known books are High Score: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games, Reset: Changing the Way We Look at Video Games, and David Perry on Game Design (for which he was principal author and researcher).


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