No Joke! Token Dancer Goes Free on April 1st

Popular action-packed dancing adventure game for iOS will be free of charge beginning April 1.

YuisY, a division of Clarin Global S.A. and distributor of innovative independent digital entertainment, today announced that the popular iOS game Token Dancer will be free of charge beginning on April 1 when it will be featured on Free App a Day and subsequently on Free Game of the Day. Token Dancer is a thrilling eye-hand coordination game in which the player must dance their way out of danger by matching certain moves. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before!

“Token Dancer combines two incredibly popular genres in one very addicting game” said Francisco Primero Navaez, games lead publisher for YuisY. “We’ve made some improvements to the latest version, and we’re confident that once you start dancing, you won’t be able to stop.”

Token Dancer has earned an average 4.5 user rating since its debut in the App Store(sm) earlier this year. One player remarked, “Haven’t blinked in several minutes.” The game has been featured in the Chinese, French and Korean AppStores, and has reached top 10 status in several categories.

In this updated version of Token Dancer, you never stop dancing over 40 visually stunning levels. Explore four different temples and eight bonus levels packed with hidden traps and deadly bosses. Use nine different blocks and nine hidden combo moves to unlock premium characters and power ups. Token Dancer also integrates with social media so you can share your success with friends.

For more information, please visit YuisY at or the App Store at


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