TrueAchievements To Host “Music Mayhem”, the premier source for Xbox 360® news and achievement information, is excited to announce Music Mayhem, a month-long event promoting the music genre.

Throughout the month of May, TrueAchievements is setting up multiplayer gaming sessions to encourage community members to play music games together and nab those “hard to get” achievements.

“I have always found the most challenging thing about achievement hunting in music games is the online multiplayer achievements,” said TrueAchievements’ Community Event Manager, Jessie Weiler.  “Finding eight people to play band vs. band on the same day, at the same time, with unique instruments, and in some cases, at a high level of competency, can be more than a small challenge. With this event, we’re hoping to take some of the hardship and frustration away and just make music games FUN.”

“We’re looking to bring gamers around the world together to play their favorite Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Karaoke Revolution, and Rock Revolution games,” said TrueAchievements’ Newshound, Jonathan Barnes.  “We’re looking to forge new friendships with music game lovers across Xbox LIVE while having fun and gaining achievements.”

Music Mayhem will kick off on Tuesday, May 1st and run throughout the month of May.  To view all of the possible achievements, games supported, or to sign up for Music Mayhem, please visit the event’s official page.


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