I Think I’m In Love! – Malavai Quinn, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR)

He’s an Imperial Captain and I was an impressionable Sith warrior (stop laughing!).  He pledged his service to me on bended knee and I accepted.  Together, we left death, destruction and justice in our wake!

What’s not to love about Quinn?  He’s a dedicated officer, and AWESOME medic, does some decent DPS and he speaks with the accent of evil!  Even though I stayed toward the lighter side of my choices, I found it pretty easy to gain affection points with this guy.  And let’s be honest, affection with Quinn is what it’s all about.  *wiggles eyebrows*

Aaaaah, loakt at that body, aaaah, I work out!

There are obvious reasons why I kept him in that outfit for a few levels. WHAT!?

For those of you who haven’t played SWTOR, let me explain a few things.  Malavai Quinn is one of five companions that make up the crew of the Sith Warrior’s ship.  To learn more about the role of companions, check out my beta test review.  You can choose one of your five crewmen to join you on missions based on what you need to accomplish.  If you want a lot of DPS, you pick that crewman, need a tank, pick that crewman, and so on.  I played as a Juggernaut (DPS spec), so having a healer was awesome sauce.

What I liked about Quinn was his pure dedication to the Empire, but he doesn’t blindly follow orders.  He thinks logically about things and even though my evil is law (shouts out to Aku), he respectfully makes suggestions and in cases where he doesn’t agree, says so.  I also appreciated that I didn’t have to be a butt munch at all times in order to keep him happy (glares at Kaliyo D’Janis).

What makes Quinn’s character is the voice acting.  The talent behind this companion does an excellent job of balancing the reserved nature of an Imperial Officer with appropriate emotional responses in various situations.  Who’s the thoughtful actor behind my beloved?  Richard Teverson.

Here’s an example of Quinn speaking in game:

Much like Patrick Stewart, I could listen to this man read the telephone book.  There’s a certain quality about his voice that makes you genuinely believe that he has had the experiences necessary to shape this character.  Brilliant acting by this gentleman, wonderful rendering by the folks at Bioware and great character design and writing.
While I was quite happy with the look of Malavai when I initially encountered him, there are many customizations that you can make to change his appearance.  You can essentially tailor him to your tastes!

As a romance-able character, you can pursue a relationship with this intelligent Imperial and when you reach a certain point in that relationship, he’ll send you letters and gifts in game (this is true for all romance-able companions)!

Deadly, loyal, supportive, customizable and extremely easy on the eyes.  “Peace is a lie, there is only passion.”  Is it any wonder that I’m in love?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 08:58:53

    i agree with the thing about his voice is like patrick stewart – could listen to it all day!! LoL


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