CCP’s Skyward Sphere Program Launches EVE Online Players to Near Space

Thank you launch celebrates 9 years of continued growth

A spark of inspiration that lead to a dream that manifested into reality with a brave hamster and some serious physics simulations  will soon occur on this, our life-giving planet – a historical event that could probably only happen in the magical, distant land of Iceland, majestically nestled in the North Atlantic. Today the award-winning-and-kinda-crazy independant games studio CCP, makers of EVE Online, will launch the names of all EVE Online subscribers into near-space through a program announced at EVE Fanfest dubbed Skyward Sphere.

This unique human scientific endeavor has the backing of the internationally famous and morally-controversial physicist Hal Sagan (@HalSagan), who is overseeing the project’s many intricacies with a smug, all-knowing grin.
Today at 12:00 GMT Earth time, the team will release a space-age high altitude balloon just north of CCP’s HQ which will carry a replica of an EVE pod containing the names of all EVE Online players into the stratosphere as promised at the end of last year.

Hal Sagan, wisest of project managers, has partnered with hyper-intellectual students from the University of Reykjavik, who have made a prediction that the payload will return to Earth in the middle of Kleifarvatn Lake.

Siminn will provide a live video feed and GPS tracking via their 3G network and a Samsung Note which will start shortly before 12:00 and should last the whole flight up until 100,000 feet. In addition, there will be 3 high definition cameras on board to capture the glorious ascent, which will be recovered by the Icelandic Coast Guard in a coordinated rescue effort that may or may not include an untrained CCP employee having to jump into a glacial lake in the name of science.

Those interested can track the flight progress over Iceland here.

Live streaming and more information (including in-development videos) can be found at

Thank you for joining us in exploring our world and the worlds beyond.

And special thanks to all EVE players for bringing us 9 straight years of growth…a unique phenomenon in the MMO industry. We hope EVE Online: Inferno will bring you the rampant destruction you crave in less than 2 weeks time!

Fly safe.


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