Patented Xbox Controller Technology

What if you could sign into your gamer profile simply by picking up your Xbox controller?  There’s a patent for that technology!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could log into your friends list, social groups, the dashboard and any of the other countless things that you can do with your Xbox 360 by simply holding the controller?

For the increasingly spoiled among us, Microsoft has patented the technology to allow the 360 controller to identify you and log into your individual personalizations on the Xbox.

The official abstract for the device describes it as, “A hand-held device having a body with a pressure-sensitive exterior surface. At least a portion of the pressure-sensitive exterior surface is designed to be grasped by a user’s hand. The pressure-sensitive surface contains a plurality of pressure sensors operative to provide an output signal proportional to a pressure applied by the user’s hands to the exterior surface of the hand-held device at the area the pressure sensor is located. The device also includes a memory for storing the output signals provided by the plurality of pressure sensors and a processor for comparing the output signals provided by the plurality of pressure sensors against stored pressure profile signatures for positively identifying the user.”

When will this be available?  There hasn’t been an announcement for the debut of this technology, but I know that many of you out there are just happy that the idea exists.

“I get so tired of having to scroll through the listing to choose my gamer tag.  So lame.”  First world problems…

With the Kinect’s ability to navigate the dashboard and its increasing integration into more titles, this technology maybe yet another step toward not needing peripherals at all.  Pretty soon, we’ll just have to breathe in order to play games.  Just in case you were wondering, I’ve been prepping for that breathing technology my whole life!  In fact, I’m doing it now, like a boss.



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