Diablo 3 Strategy Guide

BradyGames is pleased to unveil the official Diablo® III Signature Series and Limited Edition Strategy Guides.

Players and critics worldwide expect Diablo III to raise the bar for the action/RPG genre, and the official strategy guides from BradyGames will match Blizzard Entertainment’s hotly anticipated new release every terrifying step of the way.

After several years in development, Diablo III will make its global debut on May 15, 2012. Developed in conjunction with Blizzard Entertainment, BradyGames’ comprehensive and artfully crafted strategy guide will serve as a valuable resource for Diablo III players as they battle to save Sanctuary from the forces of the Burning Hells.

Features include:

·         Receive some of the most ambitious coverage ever provided in a BradyGames walk-through, including coverage of every quest in Diablo III.
·         A visual encyclopedia of the creatures in the game, including critical stats and detailed descriptions of special attacks, abilities, and behaviors.
·         A complete rundown of the active and passive skills for each character class.
·         A complete overview of the Diablo III crafting system.
·         A comprehensive exhaustive listing of the base equipment items, weapons, armor, and accessories.
·         An extensive official resource for buying and selling items in the Diablo III auction house, Blizzard’s amazing new player-driven online trading system for the game.

Limited Edition also includes:

·         A remarkable, one-of-a-kind sculpted metal bookmark featuring a multi-level relief of Diablo, Lord of Terror.
·         Unique to the Limited Edition, an incredible 48-page art section featuring Diablo III armor sets from concept to execution, with commentary from the game’s development team.
·         Get all the game-tested strategies of our Signature Series packaged in a multi-layered, embossed hard cover with holographic foil and a premium finish.
·         Receive a redeemable code for a free Flash version of the strategy guide, downloadable from the BradyGames website.


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