Gamer Girl Rant – Non-Completists

In my mind, it's all done.

I lied, I just stopped playing!

I was on Facebook chatting with a fellow gamer when he mentioned that he hadn’t completed a video since Mass Effect 2.  *blink blink*  Before I could judge him, I had to think back to the games in my collection that I didn’t finish and the reasons why.

Slasher 443 and I touched on this subject in one of our He Said, She Said posts here, but I wanted to dig a little deeper into this.  Another gamer friend, (Slaus) readily admits to not finishing games, but even more extreme with him, was the fact that he owned several titles for years and hadn’t played them!

So I wondered, what makes a person start a title without finishing it, or, are they simply ignoring the story portion of the game for multiplayer fun?

Since I put these two gamers out there, I’m going to own up to my own shortcomings.  There are a few games where I did not finish the story, or I did not complete the game’s objectives.  Here’s a couple:

Dante’s Inferno

This game looked amazing!  The graphics were great, the action was good, the problem solving mechanics were spot on and the combos and variety of moves were great.  Soooo… Why didn’t I finish it?

Because that game brought true realism to the Divine Comedy that it was based on.   It wasn’t the actual fights that distracted me, it was the overall environment.  The realistic views of burned bodies being tortured in any number of ways while screaming in constant agony and writhing in pain actually began to wear on me.

I’d find myself getting a headache every time I played this game and there were times where I’d just stand still and stare as the souls in the background were flattened by a spiked wheel, or their bodies where sheared in half by enormous blades sliding down the walls (just two examples of the attractions you’ll see in this game).

I felt the need to pray after each session with that game.  Granted, the rendering is amazing, and if I had to imagine what life is like in Hades, this would be it.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion

I know that you’re probably thinking that I’ve just spoken like a heretic, but hear me out!  The world of Elder Scrolls Oblivion, like Skyrim, is massive.  It’s a completely open world game that allows you to do whatever you want, whenever, but, that was part of the problem.

The game was so freaking big, it felt lonely.  I wandered aimlessly for hours in Oblivion, completing quests here and there until I stopped seeing a point to the game.  I understand that there’s an overall story line, but after 200+ quests and dropping countless items for bag space, it all started to feel meaningless.

I also didn’t enjoy the randomness of certain aspects of the game, for instance, an NPC could attack you and when you defend yourself and kill them, suddenly, there’s a bounty on your head.  You enter a town to sell your stuff and guards attack you on sight or want to arrest you because one of their citizens screwed up and picked a fight with the wrong traveler.

Being the battlemage that I was, I killed them, I killed them all.  The guards, the women, the men and any other fool crazy enough to jump in my face with a weapon drawn.  “And the world was just a bit quieter on that day.”

I am never tempted to go back to Oblivion and as I play through Skyrim, I’m hoping that I don’t feel the same way.


When I delved a little deeper into the reasons why the gamer I mentioned earlier hadn’t finished a game, he pointed to his daughters.  They require all of his gaming attention on Mario Kart at the moment, and I actually smiled when I read the words.

Kids and time constraints are definite factors in pursuing your gaming passion.  In his case, he is mixing his love of games with the love of his children, and that’s always a plus.  In the listing of priorities, he’s winning.  Big time.

Now we come back to Slaus.  He didn’t have a valid excuse for not even opening some of his games until years later.  *shaking my head*  Who buys a game and then doesn’t play it?  Oh yeah, Slaus…

When we did the He Said, She Said post on this topic, time was never a factor.  As new titles are released, sometimes one after another, I’m finding time to be an issue for me.  For instance, I put off playing Skyrim so that I could really get into Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I stopped playing SWTOR to play Mass Effect 3.  When I was done with ME3, then I started Skyrim and The Witcher 2 is waiting for me when I’m done with this.

I can’t really enjoy these games when they are released because I’m too busy playing other titles.  Heck, I had to stop playing Battlefield 3 so that I could even get into SWTOR.

If you haven’t completed a game, what was the reason?  Do you find yourself not finishing often?


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  1. * DragonPixie *
    May 11, 2012 @ 08:01:54

    Interestingly enough, I have never completed a Bethesda game, either. I’ve played and enjoyed Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout3 and Skyrim. Not a single one have I finished yet because of the reasons you stated. I do hope to finish both Fallout3 and Skyrim at least, though. But we’ll see.

    But that’s like reason #3. The #1 reason I have so many unfinished / unstarted games is that I haven’t had the time. #2 is because there was another game I wanted to play more.


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