Halfbrick Celebrates Fruit Ninja’s Two Year Anniversary with New Characters, Powerups and Global Giveaways

For two years, Fruit Ninja has delighted hundreds of millions of fans around the world with world-class casual gameplay and a robust support program which includes over ten free updates.

This Thursday on May 24th, Fruit Ninja becomes even bigger with new characters, new game content and a global giveaway to give something back to the fans who have supported Halfbrick over two very exciting years!

The new Fruit Ninja content update will include:


  • Welcome Gutsu and Truffles: Joining Sensei in the legendary Fruit Ninja dojo are Gutsu and Truffles, best friends and business partners. Travelling merchants, they have set up shop and welcome all to check out their wares in the new Gutsu’s Cart menu. Players can also watch their debut in the all-new animated short created by Halfbrick and the People’s Republic of Animation here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca7H8GaKqmQ.


  • Powerups: Announcing Berry Blast, Peachy Time and Bomb Deflects – three new items to purchase from Gutsu’s Cart. Explode with juice, add time to your game or deflect those pesky bombs with these awesome additions. Powerups can be obtained by spending Starfruit, which is the new Fruit Ninja currency collected at the end of every game based on your ninja skills.

Halfbrick is currently touring its home country of Australia to promote the new update and give away free download codes. But anyone around the world can join in on the fun by heading to the Fruit Ninja 2 Year Anniversary website: anniversary.fruitninja.com! There you’ll be introduced to the new characters, check out the latest action from the Aussie tour, and score a free download code for Fruit Ninja on the App Store (limited quantity available)! Already have the game? Pass on the code to a friend and compete to see who is the true ninja! Keep an eye out – the Fruit Ninja Tour might be coming to your town soon!

Fruit Ninja is available for download through the iTunes App Store for $0.99. Fruit Ninja HD for iPad is available for $2.99.

For more information about Halfbrick, visit: http://halfbrick.com and for more details on Fruit Ninja, check out the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/fruitninja.


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