Get Ready for a Frightfully Fun Adventure With Zombie Burst, Available Now in the App® Store for iPhone

Burst Brains and Avoid Infection to Become the Ultimate Zombie Slayer!

CatFoster Media, a publisher of innovative gaming apps for mobile and tablet devices announced today that the walking dead is out to infect in Zombie Burst, the first of its kind amongst the realm of Zombie apps available now for iPhone™ in the App®Store. You are the sole survivor after 99% of humankind is turned into pimple headed Zombies due to a contamination of the world’s water supply!  Fight your way through this horrific nightmare in order to withstand the vicious attacks and stay alive.

As the desired bait in Zombie Burst prepare yourself for hungry ghoul attacks!  Use your freakishly strong hands against the ruthless biting machines by bursting their brains with your skull crushing pinch in order to fight your way out of Chicago. Dominate the leaderboards as you play through ten gut wrenching levels, bursting countless brains and wiping away the goo of the Zombies in order to unlock achievements, score points and claim victory in this dreadfully addictive adventure!

Additional Haunting Zombie BurstGame Features Include:

  • Four Zombie Classifications to Annihilate: Pea Head, Brains, Gallon and Dome – each has its own unique strengths and characteristics that make it difficult to catch and kill
  • Goo Galore: Every bursting brain splatters goo on the screen making it increasingly harder to see the enemies; be quick to clean the screen or suffer deadly bites
  • 10 Levels: Destroy thousands of zombies through 10 challenging unlockable levels, each set in environments inspired by real Chicago locations and landmarks from a dismal bathroom and monumental movie theater to a glowing gas station and legendary Lower Wacker Drive.
  • Lethal Leaderboards: Become the ultimate zombie destroyer and track your achievements and rank in Game Center; increase your standing as you replay unlocked levels
  • Bonus Content: Keep the zombie battle fresh with new levels, characters and in-game content released through updates shortly after launch

Zombie Burst for iPhone is available now for $0.99 in the AppStore and will launch on other platforms in the coming months. For additional information on Zombie Burst, please visit  Like us on Facebook at Or follow us on Twitter at!/zombieburst.


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