His birthday is coming quickly now: A brand new trailer features some first glimpses of the horrific events of Lucius, the upcoming 3D horror adventure for PC, and shows some first gameplay footage, taken from the latest pre-beta build.

Publisher Lace Mamba Global today also announces the exact release date of the game: Lucius is scheduled to be available online and in retail stores from October 26th, 2012, onwards.

His childish innocence wasn’t meant to last long, oh no: When little Lucius was born on the meaningful date of June 06th, 1966, nobody expected him to be anything other than a normal little boy. His childhood, spent in a luxurious manor, was as normal as every kid’s young years – well, except for the extreme wealth of his parents, influential politicians, as Lucius grew up with everything he desired, including several maids caring for his well-being, the family’s own butcher and Lucius’ private teacher.

Everything changed, though, when Lucius turned 6: His real father, the Devil, appeared in his dreams the night before his birthday, revealing that Lucius was his son, and the little boy’s soul was promised to Satan long ago.

The Beast managed through Lucius to bring a descendant back to the earth – and so it is Lucius’ task now to not only surrender his own life, but to bring Satan as many souls as possible, including those of all his family members and the service staff in the manor.

Equipped with supernatural powers, Lucius starts off to a blood-flooding tour of horror through his house that will minimize the population of the manor one by one by one…

Lucius is a new, upcoming 3D horror adventure. Players will have to orchestrate deadly accidents, using items, tools and hell’s powers such as Telekinesis and Mind Control. By combining classic adventure gameplay with the freedom of a 3D world, players will have to use their wits and follow hints to make sure they don’t leave any marks and can continue their evil mission until the very end.

Lucius is developed by Shiver Games in Helsinki, will emerge directly from hell to retail and online stores and world-wide on October 26th, 2012.


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