Game Insight announces new publishing WebSite offering $3 Million in opportunities for mobile game developers

Proven global publishing leader game insight’s new Web site CHALLENGES mobile game developers to make their dreams come true this summer

Game Insight, a world leader in publishing and developing mobile and social games, has unveiled its new publishing Web site at

The Web site acts as a platform for independent mobile developers to directly submit publishing requests to the publisher, which is offering massive publishing opportunities to the tune of US $3 million this summer.

Game Insight is a proven market leader in the mobile gaming space, having produced numerous top-grossing apps on iOS and Android, including Mystery Manor (#1 top grossing iPad game both in the US and worldwide), My Country (#1 top-grossing iPad game in the US), and Paradise Island (#1 top grossing Android game for more than 6 months), among others.

In addition to having a strong track record of successful mobile game titles, Game Insight also offers tremendous experience and insight into global game publishing and localization, having launched many of its own games in international markets such as North America, Russia, and Asia. The company also offers deep expertise in mobile monetization, performance metrics and stat tracking, along with a strong marketing and user acquisition team that garners 100,000+ installs for high-quality game apps.

“Game Insight is looking to expand its already strong mobile portfolio on all platforms with even more high-quality, fun, and potentially successful new games,” said Alisa Chumachenko CEO at Game Insight. “If you’re as passionate as we are about making the best mobile games in the world, we want to hear from you.”

Beyond the company’s considerable ability to generate revenue and installs, Game Insight is a company that cares deeply about the quality of the mobile gaming experience, and is a studio that puts user experience first. Like-minded mobile game development studios are encouraged to learn more about Game Insight as a publishing partner at the company’s newly-launched publishing Web site at


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