Konsole Kingz “Turns Up” Xbox® Live Marketplace with Latest Gamer Pic Launch

“Turn Up”, one of the hottest terms in hip-hop, is coming to your Xbox.

It’s time to “Turn Up” your Xbox gamertag to the max! The Konsole Kingz Turn Up Gamer Pictures are dedicated to every gamer who joins a multiplayer session or match and dominates the game.  “Turn Up” expresses how gamers must raise their intensity levels to the maximum during competition.
10 gamer pics are included in this latest Konsole Kingz release. They’re available now for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Price: 160 Microsoft Points

How to find the Turn Up Gamer Pics on Xbox® Live Marketplace

OPTION 1: Bing Search (recommended)
1. Scroll to Bing on the Xbox® Live Dashboard
2. In the search engine type in Turn Up
3. Then select the Turn Up in the results

1. While in the Xbox® Live Marketplace, select the Xbox® Live Guide Button on the Xbox® 360 Controller.
2. Scroll over to Settings then select Profile
3. Select Edit Profile
4. Select Gamer Picture
5. Then Select Download Gamer Pictures.
6. Once the Gamer Picture screen loads up, Go to Sort by select Release Date
7. Then scroll to select the Turn Up Gamer Pic.


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