Eternal Blade Debuts a Feature Webcomic

More New Content Rolls Out for Upcoming Action MMORPG

Eternal Blade fans get yet another treat with the debut of an exclusive webcomic! With new chapters every few weeks, the webcomic joins a line-up of weekly releases leading up to the game’s 2012 launch. These “Fairytale Friday” events have also introduced the unique Aeon System and an idyllic video tour of the rich fantasy world.

Strange creatures have been appearing in the forest, and it’s up to Eternal Blade’s six character classes to put a stop to the evil force behind them. Penned by Elisa “LeeLee” Scaldaferri of Name Game and featuring original hand-drawn art, “The Nature of the Beast” webcomic showcases the game’s characters at their best – squabbling amongst each other just as they do on the official Facebook page.

Aeons also set the game apart: these spirit creatures enhance stats and abilities to create unique customization for each character. An Aeon can be created from the raw ether dropped by defeated foes, and when equipped it gains experience and enhancements as it grows. The Aeons range in type from the shadow-panther Kai to the ethereal ghost Torio, each with their own specialties and lore.

Eternal Blade adds another twist by taking the dungeon crawler formula and fusing it with the varied, open world of an MMO.

More exciting news and features get released each week, so if you haven’t checked in at the official Facebook yet, now’s the time! Visit the Eternal Bladeteaser page to learn more.

About Eternal Blade
Eternal Blade packs fast-paced action into the engaging world of an MMORPG to create a brand new social experience. The vibrant game features lush landscapes and colorful characters that come to life through a fairytale theme and colorful anime style that blends seamlessly with the high action gameplay. Eternal Blade features multiple upgrade systems that impact appearance, statistics, and even skills to create a truly unique experience for every player. Developed by Gala Lab and published by gPotato, Eternal Blade will launch in the US in 2012.


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