Get an Xbox 360 Slim 4GB for $161.97

TigerDirect has the Xbox 360 Slim 4GB console available for $161.97.  Rick Brodia over at c|net has a few ideas for taking advantage of this deal as well as upgrades.  Want a discount?  Head on over to Ebates or FatWallet; the former offers 3 percent cash back on TigerDirect purchases, the latter 4 percent.

This Xbox comes with built-in Wi-Fi, a wireless controller, and 4GB of onboard storage. That’s enough to house a big batch of savegames, but if you want to start downloading game demos, movies, and the like, you’ll need more space.  No problem: just pop in a flash drive like this 64GB Memory Master that Fry’s has for $29.99 shipped, or this 32GB Dane-Elec drive for $18.99.

*Note:  This deal is for a NEW, not refurbished, console.  That means you get a full one-year warranty, not 90 days.  However, for some reason TigerDirect will accept returns only if the unit is defective, and even then you’re limited to getting a replacement. In other words, no refunds. Not sure why, but that’s the policy.

You can find Rick Brodia’s full article here:$161.97/?tag=cnetRiver


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