My Veg Plot

Sustainable farming app will encourage iPad players to tend allotments and win real prizes

Earlier this month, Michelle Obama published her first book, American Grown to inspire a generation to grow and eat their own vegetables. Here in the UK, where allotments waiting lists are more prohibitive, Remode and Merge Games developed the next best thing: the My Veg Plot game on iPad.

My Veg Plot allows players to take on a run-down vegetable plot and learn to grow and nurture their own produce, tackling the elements and a range of 3-D hidden object bugs and diseases. Once their fruit and vegetables are ready, players can enter the local village show and win prizes, registering their success on <> to win a real world big prize, to be revealed later this year. My Veg Plot is expected to be popular with a range of audiences, who enjoy virtual nurture games such as Farmville, and can also be applied as an education tool, helping younger audiences understand the process of growing and nurturing local produce.

And independent tester said, “I love gardening in real life but I do it for pleasure and it’s no fun when the rain is lashing down. Luckily for me I can still get my gardening fix with My Veg Plot. This beautifully quirky little dip into bucolic British bliss is a game for gardeners and gardening for gamers.  Once you’ve removed the junk and dug over your previously neglected allotment, you can plant out your seedlings, tend them and watch them grow. The game is packed with delicious little details; listen to the bird song, explore the shed with its creaky door and look out for Alf who likes to mentor new allotmenteers. Your aim is to grow prize-winning specimens for the show in the Village Hall and collect an impressive array of colourful rosettes. Who knows you may even get the gardening bug and give your newfound skills a go for real. Meanwhile you can practice on the train, in your lunch break or watching the rain run down the window and you won’t even mess up your manicure.”

The game is available to play for free, with additional tools and extras available to purchase via <> . The game is available on iOS, with PC and Android versions planned for later this summer.

Remode CEO Ella Romanos, says, “this has been such a fun project to work on. Gardening is a much loved British past time, both in the real and online worlds as the success of Farmville, particularly among adult women audiences, demonstrates. My Veg Plot is as enjoyable for seasoned gardeners when it’s raining outside, as it is for allotment novices, who will discover a whole new world at their fingertips, and may even be inspired to try their hand at growing vegetables for real.”

Dave Wilson from Lavender Dog says, “We’re delighted to be launching My Veg Plot on iPad, our initial concept of developing a virtual allotment has been fully realised in this gorgeous app. Our development partner, Remode, has delivered on every aspect to create this stimulating and aesthetically pleasing strategy game. We hope it will inspire children and adults alike to get growing!”

Luke Keighram, Merge Games, adds, “My Veg Plot is a great addition to our current digital line-up, bringing a completely original and unique game gardening experience to the market.”

Available to download:


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