A unique social gaming experience set to release on Facebook this summer.

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Gajatri Studios, an independent and innovative social games development studio, are excited to announce Yoga Retreat as their debut title, officially releasing on Facebook week commencing August 6th.

The first social management game derived from authentic well-being and yoga content, Yoga Retreat sees players choose a virtual avatar with which he or she practices and teaches yoga to resort customers in return for virtual currency. Players will learn and unlock genuine yoga techniques in the hatha tradition, all of which can be transferred over to players’ day-to-day lives, as well as items and facilities to create the idyllic tropical wellbeing resort. Playing alongside Facebook friends will enhance the game experience as players can share items and visit ‘Friends’ resorts.

The brainchild of Gajatri Studios founder Tiina Zilliacus, a certified yoga teacher with over 200 hours of training along with 14 years professional background in games, online and mobile, Yoga Retreat teaches genuine yoga practices as well as providing a fun and relaxing daily gaming oasis in the relentlessly fast-paced and stressful world in which we all live.

A gameplay trailer for Yoga Retreat can be viewed here:

For more on Yoga Retreat follow the game blog at <gp_link type=”http” loc=”//www.gajatristudios.com”>www.gajatristudios.com or the Facebook fan page at <gp_link type=”http” loc=”//www.facebook.com/yogaretreatgame”>http://www.facebook.com/yogaretreatgame

The Yoga Retreat beta is currently underway and can be located at<gp_link type=”http” loc=”//apps.facebook.com/yogaretreat”>http://apps.facebook.com/yogaretreat


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