Google Announces Google Fiber: 100X Faster Internet, Plus Free Internet

Google has just announced Google Fiber, a broadband service and interactive television provider that will offer internet speeds up to 100x faster than average broadband.  Before you faint, read on for the details, then put something soft on the floor and have at it!

Google promises those who take advantage of its new service will enjoy download and upload speeds of 1 GBps.  For those who have no idea what that means, you can watch HD movies, game your heart out, download pictures… or do all of those at once, 40 times over.

Google is offering three different packages of Fiber.

  • The Gigabit and Fiber TV service will cost $120 a month and will include 1 GBps up and down speeds without a data cap, as well as a terabyte of Google Drive cloud storage. You’ll be able to watch all regular broadcast TV channels, hundreds of Google Fiber TV channels, thousands of TV shows on demand, and premium movie channels.
  • Package two is for broadband-only customers. It will cost $70 a month and offer 1Gbps downloads and uploads. It will also provide the 1 terabyte of data storage.
  • Package three is free internet. For the $300 fiber optics set-up fee, you will get 5Gbps download speeds and 1Gpbs upload speeds for seven years. Google will offer this service for a limited time only.   You can pay $25 a month for the first year, up to the $300.

The service will put Google’s Network Box, in your home, that will serve as a hub.  The box is also a Wi-Fi router and has four Ethernet ports. Instead of being controlled by a remote control, you’ll control your hub through a Nexus 7 tablet. That Google will give you. For free.  *waves smelling salts under your nose*

Here’s a full breakdown of the plan, including the channels available.

The bad news: Right now, the service is only available in Kansas Cities. That’s Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.

If you want Google Fiber to come to your neighborhood in Kansas (I know I do!), here’s how it’s going to rollout: Google is launching virtual “rallies”  to encourage people to sign up on a Web site. When a neighborhood gets 40 to 80 households to register for the service, Google will hit the “on” switch.

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