SEGA Makes Prices Academic with a Back to School Sale

SEGA® of America Inc. is ringing in a new school year with great deals on hot downloadable titles!

Back to school…  video games…  I just report the news people!

For a limited time, popular games like Sonic CD™ and Sonic the Hedgehog 4™ Episode II are available for up to 50 percent off the original price. As a thank you to the loyal fans, all players who spend more than $4.95 (iOS/Android) on Sega Mobile games and send in the receipt are eligible to win a smartphone. For more details about the sale, visit the SEGA blog.

Sale-priced titles include:

  • Sonic CD™ (iOS/Android) – $2.99 (from $4.99)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4™: Episode II (iOS/Android) – $4.99 (from $6.99)
  • Streets of Rage™ 2 & 3 (iOS) – $0.99 (from $2.99)
  • Golden Axe™ 2 & 3 (iOS) – $0.99 (from $2.99)
  • Gunstar Heroes™ (iOS) – $0.99 (from $2.99)
  • Virtua Fighter™ 2 (iOS) – $0.99 (from $1.99)
  • Altered Beast™ (iOS) – $0.99 (from $1.99)

For more news, follow SEGA on Twitter @SEGA or “like” SEGA on Facebook.


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