The Video Game Orchestra

During the weekend, I had to opportunity to talk to Shota Nakama, creator/producer of the Video Game Orchestra (VGO).

I’m sure many of you weren’t aware that such a thing existed, but the Boston Symphony Orchestra is the home of the VGO.  I had lots of questions for Mr. Nakama, and he was gracious enough to answer all of them.  Here are the highlights:

How do you choose what music to play?

It might surprise you to learn that the VGO takes requests.  Visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

On Twitter:  @theVGO

On Facebook:

You performed at PAX this year, do you visit any of the other gaming conventions?

The VGO plans to continue participating in as many conventions and expos as possible.  They also attend anime conventions.  Want to hear them at your local expo?  Visit their Facebook page and give them the heads up on the dates and times.  If you know one of the event organizers, let them know that the VGO is available for performances.

When’s the next performance?

VGO will deliver an unforgettable evening of Rockestral arrangements of music from the most renowned video games of all time, including Grandia, Final Fantasy series, Castlevania, Silent Hill, Chrono Trigger and many others.

The show will take place on Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 8:00 p.m. live at Symphony Hall, Boston, MA.

301 Massachusetts Avenue


Special guests include: Industry legends Noriyuki Iwadare (Grandia, Phoenix Wrights), Hitoshi Sakamoto (Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics), and Kinuyo Yamashita (Castlevania)

What if I can’t make it to the performance?
The VGO started a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds to digitally record this weekend’s performance.  If you are so inclined, please feel free to offer your support using the link below.

Do you ever play for video game developers?

Yes!  The VGO worked on several recent releases, and is available for studio recording (for the developers out there).

Do the members of the orchestra know the games that the music is from, or do they just play?

All of the members of the VGO are gamers and each of them loves gaming.  Mr. Nakama’s love of video games inspired the creation of the VGO, and he’s surrounded himself with other talented musicians who love to play.

The next performance of the VGO is in November in Washington, D.C.  Keep up with performance schedules and interact with the musicians on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you so much for chatting, Mr. Nakama!


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  1. tanoshineko
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 18:25:19

    i loved this! the vgo came to wolftrap back in 2007, but i was already in germany by the time they came to perform 😦 but i really would like to catch them if the ever make it here, or i make it to dc in november lol


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