Gamer Girl Rant – G4 Marks the End of AOTS and X-Play

In my mind, it's all done.

Say it ain’t so!

If you’re like me, you’ve watched the G4 channel over the years. You’ve probably laughed at the antics of Kevin Pereira, agreed with the reviews of Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, and counted down the days until their E3 and Comicon coverage. This year marks the end of almost a decade of gaming related greatness. *tear*

Why rant?

G4 was the gamer’s channel of choice for years. With shows like Cheat!, X-Play, and Attack of the Show, you were guaranteed to get your gaming news fix with honest opinions, acerbic wit, and in some cases, outrageous sketches.

More than that, you could see the absolute passion some of the hosts had for gaming. I happily admit that I had a G4 addiction at one point, and the programming was a part of the culture for me as a gamer.

We have more gaming tv options now, but G4 will be known for breaking new ground, doing it first, and in most instances, doing it best.

While the G4 channel will continue on (Ninja Warrior fans rejoice), the lineup will seem empty with the loss of these two shows at the end of 2012.

So let’s hit pause on our controllers, stop at a waypoint, and remember that we were there to witness greatness.

“Didn’t we have some fun though? Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and I said ‘Goodbye’ and you were like ‘NO WAY!’ and then I was all ‘We pretended we were going to murder you’? That was great.” – Only GLaDOS could capture the trues essence of this moment.


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