What I’m Playing Now

Galaxy on Fire 2

Space combat against pirates?  I’m in!

Galaxy on Fire 2 is free in the App Store, and is also available for Android device and Kindle devices that support apps.

First impressions:

  1. Great graphics.
  2. Good sound.
  3. Screw that virtual thumb stick in the ear with a rusty spike!
  4. Blowing up spaceships is strangely addictive.


Galaxy on Fire 2 is one of those titles you either love or pass by while giving it the middle finger.  Once you get used to the virtual controls, things are pretty sweet.  For even more immersion, turn on the motion controls (which rely on the device’s internal gyroscope) and twist and turn your way through space while laying waste to those pesky pirates.

I’m playing Galaxy on Fire 2 on the iPad Mini.


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