Soda Drinker Pro on Steam & at PAX East! 100 New Levels!

Soda Drinker Pro

I wasn’t going to talk about this.  Honest!  I really wasn’t.  Why?  Because I just knew there was no way in the world this game was real.  Then I remembered there’s a Urinal Game, and I had to share this.  Hey, if I have to know it exists, so do you.

The world’s most realistic FPS(First Person Soda)  “Soda Drinker Pro” just launched on  Steam Greenlight with the promise of 100 brand new soda drinking simulations.

“This is the Citizen Kane of Video Games.”
-A quote from the user changefor5bucks on Steam

With  100 new levels on the line, what new places can you drink a simulated soda?  Close your eyes and imagine… drinking soda…

in the rain forest, on some creepy train tracks, the Vatican, in middle class suburbia… upside down, in the Mariana Trench on a roller coaster, inside a soda, while playing soda drinker pro, in the north pole, on a construction site, in a dark room with a white tiger, and many more…

You can even help decide where the next soda drinking simulations will take place via the form on Soda Drinker Pro’s website here

Since December over  100 thousand people have downloaded this simulation and have begun to experience soda in ways deeper than ever imagined.

These new soda drinking simulations promise to continue Soda Drinker Pro’s passion for realism and fine tuned controls experienced in the first 5 levels already released to the public.   Available here for free

These new levels will only be released if it passes the Greenlight process.

Gamers will be able to experience some of these new levels  March 22-24 at Pax East at the Soda Drinker Pro booth #965

  • You can read a great timeline of what has happened with Soda Drinker Pro in the past couple of months  here

Recent Press
“If only there was a way to sip a refreshing cup of soda at the beach, in a park or in space without all the risk. Now you can, with Soda Drinker Pro, an exciting indie game poised to take the FPS (First-Person Soda) genre by storm.”
– Mashable 

“It Will Probably Change Your Life”
– Complex

“Soda Drinker Pro is the most advanced soda drinking simulator ever created”
– Grist 

“Sounds like fun!”
– Wall Street Journal 

Thank you for making this, this is just perfect!

“As you play Soda Drinker Pro, you go from thinking “WTF?” to a gradual acceptance of this unnatural world you’ve stepped into. I half expect to bump into David Lynch…”
– CNet 

You Need Soda Drinker Pro in Your Life!
– Indie Statik 

“The true genius of this game lies in its plot. Finally something that isn’t absurd, but rather a story we can all relate to. The main character was extremely like-able. I have not been this attached to a character that doesn’t even talk since Portal. Simply amazing. 5/5. game of the mother F$@K#n year!”

“Soda Drinker PRO!, the finest soda-drinking simulation ever, is here and nothing will ever be the same”
– Kill Screen 

“it might change your life.”
– GameZone 

“I suspect the Internet will soon collapse under Soda Drinker Pro’s magnitude”
– GameZebo 

“Watch out, Desert Bus; there’s a new riveting simulation game coming our way”
– Gamesta 

“a First Person Soda Game You Can’t Pass Up”
– Total Gaming Network 

“We imagine this is something like the smokeless cigarettes for those looking to quit nicotine”
– The Daily Meal 

“The world is totally open-ended. You can walk to the left or the right. You can even go front and back. All you have to do to win is drink your soda. Few games offer this high degree of free roaming.”
– Nerd Age 

“The drinking game you must play”
– Airborn Gamer 

“Humanity has accomplished a great deal in its relatively brief time on this planet. So it’s refreshing to see we’ve even managed to wield technology so advanced that we can properly simulate the act of walking around and drinking a soda.”
– Phoenix Newtimes 

“Behold the carbonated glory of SODA DRINKER PRO”
– Arawulf 

“Soda Drinker Pro had me up all night smashing through every one of its fiendish”
– Daily Echo 

“I’m not entirely sure you can call Soda Drink Pro a game, but it’s still something you should play”
– Platform Nation 

Twitter: @sodadrinkerpro
Facebook: <gp_link type=”http” loc=”//”>
Web: <gp_link type=”http” loc=”//”>
I’ll give them props for not taking themselves too seriously.


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